Property Investment UK Hotspots

If you are thinking about investing in property this year, you need to know where the hotspots are. These are the best areas to buy property to get the top return on your investment. Many of these hotspots are in the north of the country.

Greater Manchester

Manchester has long been a hotspot for property investors, but the city centre can be out of the price range of many people. This is why you need to look at the Greater Manchester area where there are a lot of opportunities waiting. When you invest in this area, you will be benefiting from the ripple effect which was seen in London in the past.

Manchester is being one of the northern powerhouses and more activity is happening there. The Greater Manchester area will include Stockport, Bolton and Wythenshawe. When looking for property, you will need to consider the ease of commuting into Manchester.


Another northern city to look at is Leeds. The price of housing has not picked up as much in Leeds as in other areas including Manchester. The reason for this is a myth regarding over-supply of housing in the city.

Before the 2008 crash, there was a construction boom in the city which resulted in a lot of new apartments being completed in 2008. The fact that there were thousands of new apartments in the city led to the myth that there is an over-supply. This might have been true 10 years ago, but the population of the city has increased and the supply is dwindling.

There is also a lot of development set for Leeds with £7 billion in the pipeline. There are also other regeneration projections around the area that will increase the prospects of the city. It is recommended that you get into this city as soon as possible before other major investors catch on.


Sheffield is behind in the property cycle and this has resulted in very low prices. The city centre has improved over the years and there is more work to come with 2 luxury hotels being developed and new HSBC offices. One of the reasons why many investors do not consider Sheffield is the fact that significant price movement is unlikely to occur this year.

There are a lot of property investment hotspots that you should consider looking at. These hotspots can change each year and you need to keep up to date with what is happening in the area.


When it comes to the Midlands, Nottingham is the hotspot to look at. This is a city that is overlooked by a lot of property developers, but the central location makes it a good choice. The city also has a lot to offer in terms of employment and the prices at low.

The city centre will be the best place to look if you want a strong price growth. However, if you are willing to wait on higher returns, outside the city centre can also be attractive. There is an extensive tram system which links the city centre to the outer areas which you can take advantage of.

UK Property Investment Benefits

Benefits Of UK Property Investment

Finding a new investment is never as easy as it may appear for many investors. Investment endeavours are usually meant for the long haul and usually come with a lot of risk, which is why you need to make the right choice from the beginning. However, property investment is more lucrative than any other venture since it appreciates and that is quite promising. Due to this fact, investors continue to put their cash in bricks and mortar because the stats show it’s a viable investment. UK property investment in particular, has attracted a lot of attention globally despite the uncertainty of the Brexit negotiations. Benefits of UK property investment include:

House Price Growth

The main reason for any investment is the profits you will make afterwards. With the rise of regional hotspots like Manchester and Liverpool, it’s predicted that there will be a 14.2% average increase in house price growth in the next five years. While the growth might be suffering in some parts of the country like London, hotspot areas are thriving, which is why investing wisely in the UK property market can make you some serious quid. With major projects happening in these regions, the house price growth is bound to rise in these new vibrant neighbourhoods. As an investor, you should be on the lookout for a property that’s most likely to reap the best yield.

Housing Shortage And Growing Demand

The simple law of economics come into play here in that as long as there is high demand in rental properties, then your investment is most likely to bear fruit. In the UK property market, there’s an alarming clear gap between demand and supply. Due to this housing crisis in the UK, the government has vowed to build 500,000+ new homes by the mid-2020s to meet the demand. So for any foreign or local investors, investing and securing assets in the UK now may be the most opportune time. It doesn’t get any better than that given that supply is lower than the demand.

High Rental Yields

Rental yields are a pretty sensitive issue when it comes to buying an investment property considering how some places are different from others. Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds are some of the top cities with high yields when it comes to rentals. These cities are also home top universities in the country which necessitates student accommodation, which is a massive driving force behind high rental yields.

The Northern Powerhouse

In 2016, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership was set up to increase the contribution and impact of the North towards the economy. Initiatives like the Square Kilometer Array and the High Speed 2 rail line are already in place, which will ultimately result in the creation of jobs and economic growth. The prevailing conditions in the economy make it an ideal time to invest in UK property.

The UK property market has proven to be resilient in the past and will remain to be strong regardless of the political turmoil in Westminster. So keeping faith in the UK market can reap huge rewards for you once the dust settles down.

Top Property Investment Tips UK

Top Property Investment Tips to Know Before You Spend Money

If you are thinking about investing in property, there are certain things you need to be aware of before you begin spending your money on any properties. You would likely want to get the best possible return on the investment you are going to make, and you do not want to end up with a property that costs too much for you to fix up. When you are following the right steps and taking your time instead of rushing into making certain investments, you can have a lot of success with the properties you are choosing to purchase.

Location is Important

Pay attention to the location before you invest in a specific property. You should get more information on the area, such as how much other properties are going for on the real estate market in that area and how safe it is to live or work there. People are often willing to pay more for properties that are in safe areas where they could easily access public transportation, various stores, and get to plenty of other places with ease. The location is important, so try to invest in a property that is in an ideal location, especially if there is a demand for properties in that area.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Property

Check out the property and look at the condition it is in before you agree to purchase it. If it is in bad condition, you could end up spending a lot more money just to fix it up and that could cause you to lose out on some money in the long run. While you might not mind making some repairs, stick with investing in a property that does not need a whole lot of work to it when you are just getting started.

These are investment tips that you should know of before you begin investing your money into different properties. The location is most important, but it is also good to check out the condition of different properties in advance.

Best Locations For Property Investment

What Are The Best Locations For Property Investment

Picking the best locations for property investment is a difficult endeavour, with a relatively high level of risk. However, the proper understanding of all features that have a direct influence on the profitability rate will enable you to select solid investments with high potential for future profits.

To start with, you must decide upon the source of these future profits. Would you like to lease out your property and make a profit out of collecting monthly payments from tenants? Would you rather buy a run down property, renovate it and resell it for a profit? Perhaps you prefer to invest in areas that are currently under development and score a profit by the time infrastructure works are completed. Briefly, the scope of your investment and the source of your profits will determine the best locations for property investment. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Investing to lease out the property and collect the rent calls for purchasing property in highly desirable areas, or in neighbourhoods that are in high demand. Such properties will enjoy a higher than average occupancy rate, as more people will seek for opportunities to live there. In addition, should you ever decide to sell your property, you’ll have an easier time at finding buyers and getting the desired price.

Investing to renovate and resell will require you to find properties that match your budget limits and the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on improvements. While the location matters less in such situations, you’d still need to ensure that you can find buyers fairly quickly, once you finish renovation works and put the property up for sale.

Investing in properties with high potential due to infrastructure developments requires less effort. You don’t need anything else than buying properties and waiting for the are to improve. Then, you list the properties for sale and you score a profit. The catch is that you must know how to predict the future of such areas with the greatest accuracy possible. What if developers run out of funds and put their projects on hold for an indefinite time? Your money would be blocked in assets that would be impossible to sell for quite a while. This type of property investment is the riskiest of all, so you must be extremely cautious when making a purchase.

In conclusion, the best locations for such properties are the ones that best suit the scope of your investment.